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I understand that right now, you’re standing at a crossroads. Choosing the right care for a loved one is never easy. And I’ve been there, too. So, let me share a bit about what makes Folsom Comfort Care genuinely special, in the words and feelings of those who’ve experienced it firsthand.

  • Consistent, Personalized Care: Every resident at Folsom is unique, and we get that. Whether it’s making sure Mrs. Johnson gets her evening tea just the way she likes it, or ensuring Mr. Turner has someone to discuss his favorite books with, we pay attention to those personal details.
  • Genuinely Compassionate Staff: You can’t help but notice the care and dedication in our staff’s eyes. It’s not just about doing a job; it’s about forming bonds, understanding needs, and sometimes just sitting down for a heartfelt chat.
  • It Feels Like Home: Remember the comforting aroma of home-cooked meals? Or the sight of a well-tended garden where residents can relax? That’s what we’re talking about.
  • Communication You Can Trust: We believe in transparency. Families are always kept in the loop, with regular updates, just like Linda appreciated when her mother was with us.
  • Safety as a Top Priority: Peace of mind is what you seek, and that’s precisely what we offer. Our long-standing history speaks for itself, and Lina Kifor’s dedication ensures residents always feel safe and supported.
  • A Reputation Built on Respect: At Folsom, dignity isn’t just a word; it’s a promise. We recognize each person’s individuality and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.
  • Fairness in Every Aspect: No hidden costs, no surprises. We understand the value of trust, and we never break it.
  • Long-Term Satisfaction: Families like Matt’s have trusted us with their loved ones for years. Their testimonials speak louder than we ever could about the kind of care we provide.
  • Handling Situations with Care: Emergencies? We’re prepared. Just like when Jane’s dad needed immediate medical attention. We acted promptly, ensuring his safety.
  • Community Bonds: The bonds formed here aren’t fleeting. Through shared stories, laughter, and even shared silences, we’ve built a community that feels like family.

At the heart of all of this is Lina Kifor, who ensures that every day at Folsom Comfort Care resonates with warmth, understanding, and exceptional care. We’d love for you to see this firsthand. Why not come over for a visit?

Taking a step towards Folsom Comfort Care isn’t just about finding a place for your loved one. It’s about finding a second home.


Lina Kifor, experienced founder of Folsom Comfort Care, smiling in front of the Northern California elderly care residence.
Over a decade of dedication, Lina Kifor embodies the commitment and passion that sets Folsom Comfort Care apart from other senior residences.

Lina Kifor

Founder & Care Director, Folsom Comfort Care

P.S. While we’d love to open our doors to everyone, our commitment to personalized care means spaces are limited. Don’t miss out on this chance to find the perfect home for your loved one.







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Discover the Essence of Folsom Comfort Care

A Glimpse into Our Heart – Where Every Corner Speaks Compassion and Comfort

At Folsom Comfort Care, every space is crafted with our seniors’ unique stories and needs in mind. Explore our residence, where attention to detail meets adaptability, ensuring every resident feels genuinely at home.

Folsom Care Facility

Discover Health Care That Truly Cares

Nestled in Northern California, we blend top-tier medical expertise with genuine warmth. Here, you’re not just a patient, but family. Experience a healthcare journey where your well-being shines brightest.

Folsom's Touch of Compassion

In the heart of Folsom, our residents experience more than just daily care. They flourish in an environment that understands and celebrates their individual stories and needs. Dive into a care journey where every individual feels deeply valued and genuinely cherished.

Dependable Transportation for Our Residents

Ensuring our residents can journey beyond our facility is a priority. We provide trustworthy transportation services, ensuring our residents are safely taken to appointments, gatherings, or scenic drives. We’ve walked this path with many; we truly understand the importance of reliability. Wherever the destination, we’ve got you covered, seamlessly.

Hear Directly From Our Fulfilled Families about us

At Folsom Comfort Care, we deeply cherish the trust placed in us by families. Our mission has always been clear: uphold the dignity of every resident while enhancing their quality of life. But don’t just take our word for it – read the heartfelt words from families who’ve experienced our dedication firsthand.

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Excellence at Folsom Comfort Care: Where Five-Star Ratings Meet Personalized Elderly Care.
Murray Krehbiel
My mother spent 13 months at Folsom Comfort Care and we were very pleased with the staff and owner of the facility. The care, the meals, and the facility were all excellent. I highly recommend anyone needing care for their elderly loved one to consider Folsom Comfort Care.
Jeff Russ
Mom has been at “Folsom Comfort Care” for over a year now. We are very pleased with the personal care and compassion they give to mom. She speaks very highly of all the caregivers and how hard they work to provide a home feel environment . She requires support throughout the day for normal activitiy which someone is always available to tend to her needs. The communication and feedback received from the caregivers has always been very good. Would highly recommend Folsom Comfort Care for your loved one.
Matt B.
Sacramento, CA
I will forever be in debt to Folsom​ Comfort Care Home, My father was there for 3 years and they were great. So fair, caring, kind and loving and went above and beyond for me and my father. I highly suggest FCCH for your loved one if you’re looking for a great assisted living home. (5 STAR RATING)
Folsom Senior Care Facility
Kacey S.
Sacramento, CA
Where do I start…this place was godsend to my family. My grandpa recently passed away but he lived here for about the last 3 years of his life and they took the best care of him. He was very comfortable there and the nurses, especially Maria, took care of him like he was family. He always told me how good the food was and he was always happy when I stopped by to visit. I was able to communicate directly with Lina the administrator as well as Maria one of the nurses through text messages which was very convenient. They were always very good at getting back to me. When his health began to decline in the end, they were all so helpful. I am so grateful for all the the staff here.
Diane B.
Reno, NV
My very elderly mother has been a resident of Folsom Comfort Care for seven years. We looked at a few places as we began our search but when we met Lina and re-visited the residence before finalizing the decision, we knew we had found the right place for our Mom.  Our initial impression of a “squeaky clean” home never changed in seven years.  There was always the warm smell of home-cooked meals every single time we visited mom.  The caretakers encouraged Mom to eat and fostered a family dining experience among all the residents at mealtimes.  The ladies also monitored the interaction of the elderly residents and their different personalities. The care givers always welcomed my brothers and me whenever we visited. When Mom was able to be walked or wheeled around the neighborhood, it never failed that one of them took time to get the exact right jacket or hat for her. Then they welcomed Mom back home again.  Mom always assured us that the workers were “very nice” to her and as genuinely concerned for her welfare as they seemed to be.  We felt that her medications were carefully kept track of and administered effectively. Over the years, Lina or her workers continued to keep us informed of any change in Mom’s health or demeanor so that we could follow up with her doctors immediately.  But I think the very best reason I can give you to look at Folsom Comfort Care residence is that our Mom truly believed that the ladies cared about her and respected her. She believed that they would worry if we did not bring her back home shortly after an outing and she was anxious to “go back home” at the end of our little excursions.  My brothers and I always felt that our Mom’s privacy was respected and that she was safe.  We don’t believe that you could find a better home for a loved one than Lina’s Folsom Comfort Care residence.
Grateful daughter sharing her mother's experience at Folsom Comfort Care
Christina A.
Folsom, CA
Where do I begin, with my review for Folsom Comfort Care?! I moved my Grandmother here approximately a year ago (after The Atrium of Carmichael and Brookdale Folsom), and I wish I had done it long ago. The love and care that the elderly receive in this particular home is absolutely over and above anything we could have hoped for! She had gotten sub-par care at the previous homes, and been charged far beyond what was agreed upon when she moved in. The owner of this facility, as well as the staff, have become like family to us. The residents are extremely well cared for, and made to feel comfortable. The home is a beautiful, safe and clean environment! The neighborhood is peaceful and well-kept. I truly cannot say enough to properly convey my love and appreciation for this care home staff. An example of what makes this home a priceless care facility: When I was out of state, without any relatives to take my Grandmother to the ER (because she had become ill with a Urinary Tract Infection), the care home owner herself (Lina), took my Grandmother to Kaiser Roseville and made sure she was tended to as needed. She kept me informed, as I was unable to be in California for several days from that time. Not only that, but she stayed by the side of my Grandmother, reassuring her and being her advocate, the entire time! I never had to worry about my Grandmother being well taken care of at this location. The monthly fee was never above the agreed upon rate. Her medications were administered as directed. She was bathed regularly, and very very well care for! The staff even went so far as to give her manicures. Recently, my Grandmother passed away. She was happy and comfortable in this home at the time of her passing. What more could we have hoped for? Lina, and the staff at Folsom Comfort Care are without doubt, a Godsend.
Murray K.
Folsom, CA
My mother spent 13 months at Folsom Comfort Care and we were very pleased with the staff and owner of the facility. The care, the meals, and the facility were all excellent. I highly recommend anyone needing care for their elderly loved one to consider Folsom Comfort Care.
Loved one of resident
My mom is real happy there. Her room is just wonderful. They have a beautiful backyard, and a front porch with a nice view to a little pond and nature area. The facility is very nice, and Lena the owner is delightful to work with very accommodating and seems to know her stuff. The only thing I am not crazy about is that they have four different caregivers and they rotate quite a bit, but they are all excellent and seem to give her very good care, they are very caring people. Probably the only complaint is that some of the caregivers are better cooks than others. In the first couple of weeks when they were just getting to know her likes and dislikes, when we got her to speak up, they were very accommodating. I think it’s a very good value. The only other drawback right now is that, of the residents that are there, a couple of them don’t speak, that makes the socialization aspect a little less than ideal, but we will be able to get involved with the senior center, so that will change. Lena has been so accommodating, she really worked with us about having pets, they had never done it before, but she was willing to give it a try. I was very impressed with her willingness to work with us and be flexible.
Jacylyn Kay
Loved one of resident
Folsom Comfort Care was home for my mom in her last 2 years of life. The owner, Lina, was very supportive when my mom was having chronic illness and needed extra help with new medications. She coached us in the aging process. She is passionate and cares a great deal about all the residents. She planned Christmas dinner for all the residents families to share a meal. The caregivers are spot on, giving 100% all the time. They help will all the daily living needs. My mom needed help with everything, dressing, bathing, getting in and out of a wheelchair. She was served 3 home cooked meals everyday. The routines were what she needed because of dementia. The caregivers also, do the laundry and clean the house. The house is beautiful inside with lovely furnishings. Very warm and inviting. We felt like family here. My mom was able to reside here while on hospice.