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Choose Folsom Comfort Care?

Making a decision for a loved one isn’t just about ticking off boxes—it’s about ensuring a life brimming with warmth, care, and respect. Here’s why families across Northern California trust Folsom Comfort Care:


Personalized and Consistent Care

A deep sense of belonging, and the knowledge that their unique needs are always prioritized.


A Genuine Home-like Environment

Residents experience a comforting ambiance that truly feels like home.


Nutritious and Home-Cooked Meals

Your loved ones not only enjoy tasty food but also benefit from its nutritional value, fueling their day right.


Dedication to Safety and Support

Peace of mind for families, knowing their loved ones are in capable hands.


Highly Trained & Compassionate Staff

Ensured professionalism coupled with a personal touch that makes all the difference.


Recommendations by Families

Confidence in your decision, backed by real experiences.


Transparent and Strong Communication

You’re never in the dark about your loved one’s well-being.


Above and Beyond Services

A rich, fulfilling life experience for every resident.


Respect and Dignity

A culture that values individuality and ensures everyone feels seen and heard.


Fair and Transparent Pricing

Trustworthiness and clarity in every transaction.

About Us:
Discover the Comfort of Home in Folsom

Navigating the challenging waters of finding the ideal care for your elderly loved one? You’re not alone in this journey, and we truly understand the gravity of the choice you’re about to make. At Folsom Comfort Care, we’ve built more than just a facility – we’ve crafted a family.

Why Folsom Comfort Care is Different

Having served the community of Northern California for years, our foundation lies in heartfelt testimonials from families just like yours:

  1. Personalized and Consistent Care: Every resident is unique, and we celebrate that by offering tailored care specific to their needs, just like Jacylynkay’s mother, who spent her last two cherished years enveloped in our care.
  2. A Heartfelt Environment: “My mom is real happy there,” says an anonymous testimonial. It’s not just a statement; it’s a sentiment echoed by many. Our facility, with its beautiful interiors and a serene view of the pond, has been crafted to feel just like home.
  3. Quality at Every Meal: Picture your loved one enjoying three lovingly prepared meals each day, reminiscent of home-cooked warmth.
  4. Safety and Unwavering Support: Our history spans over 20 years, ensuring every resident sleeps soundly, enveloped in the dedication our team brings. As another testimonial recounts, even in emergencies, our response is swift and efficient.
  5. Beyond Basic Care: From personal outings to manicures, we’re not just about ticking boxes. It’s the little things that count.
  6. Where Everyone’s Family: Just as Murray K. expressed satisfaction with the staff and facilities after his mother’s 13-month stay, we make bonds that last a lifetime.

Meet Lina Kifor – The Guiding Spirit

At the heart of our commitment is Lina Kifor. Passionate and devoted, she is the heartbeat of Folsom Comfort Care in Northern California. As Jacylynkay recounts, Lina’s supportive approach and deep understanding of the aging process make a world of difference. She’s more than just the founder; she’s the essence that binds our community.

Why Choose Us?

Making the right choice matters, and we want you to experience what makes Folsom Comfort Care stand out. But here’s the thing – our dedication to personal care means we only have a select few spots, and they’re in demand.

Why not see it for yourself?

Book an Exclusive Tour!

Witness the passion, experience the care, and understand the commitment that defines us. Lina Kifor herself would be delighted to share stories, insights, and the very spirit that makes Folsom Comfort Care truly special.

Remember, every choice impacts a life. Let’s make this one count.

Sending warmth and understanding, Lina Kifor Founder & Care Director, Folsom Comfort Care

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Room Amenities

  • Telephone

Community Amenities

  • Movie nights
  • Scheduled daily activities
  • Community-sponsored activities
  • Walking paths
  • Garden
  • Transportation arrangement

Community Services

  • Move-in coordination
  • Weekly Housekeeping

Dining Services

  • Dining room
  • Special dietary restrictions
  • Diabetes diet
  • Meal preparation and serviceAll day dining

Room Amenities

  • Telephone

Folsom Comfort Care: Where Every Stay Feels Like Home, But Every Care Goes Beyond Expectation